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Aimée Darling has so much knowledge about food and nutrition and the science behind all of it...and she's great with kids! She has a passion for helping people and it comes through loud and clear! We love Aimée!!! - Elissa W

Aimée brings passion, knowledge and experience to her clients, family and friends. She makes nutrition simple and doable. Aimée rocks! - Tammy S

I met Aimée Darling at my Doctors office. I am continually impressed with her knowledge about nutrition as I have not met many with that type of extensive information about using  food as a way to heal. My daughter's health is good, but she has been experiencing stomach aches and canker sores and we are in the process of educating her about what she eats affecting how she feels.This led to Aimée sharing about a class that she teaches; what my daughter is learning with other children is priceless as this is sadly something that is not taught in schools. As a family we would love to ALL become more educated by what Aimée has to teach. As parents we want to lead and also provide this valuable education about nutrition for a lifetime of high quality of life. - Marc A.

I cannot thank Aimée enough for everything she has done to help turn my life around.  With the guidance of Aimée , God and the homeopathic doctor she referred me to, six months later, I feel so alive and healthy.  I came to Aimée  with a flare up of Polymyositis Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, acid reflux, insomnia, headaches, fatigue and exhaustion.  I was living on a daily diet of processed foods, animal protein, caffeine, and sugar.  She helped me change my way of eating, so that now my arthritis is slowly getting better. I no longer suffer from acid reflux, insomnia, fatigue or exhaustion.  My eating habits are healthy and I feel more alive and excited about life today than I have in years. And, there was a complete bonus to all this, that I wasn't even thinking about when I went to see her - I have lost almost 30 lbs. and have gone from a size 14 to a size 8.   May God bless you,  Aimée, for all you have done for me.  I am blessed and so filled with joy now. - Terrie P.

I suffered with severe nausea, every day for two years straight. After finding Aimée and implementing the plan that she created for me, I am thrilled to say that my nausea is gone. I am pleased to be working with Aimée as she guides me towards even greater health. - Steven J.

I just love your Nutrition class offered at RISE.  Who thought health and eating healthy could be fun!  But your class is engaging and lively.  Your teaching style is exciting and informative.  My kids and I really enjoy your class.  Also double thumbs up to your emails.  They are direct and to the point.  Here's how to prepare good food that's good for you.  I love it!  Many, many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep them coming and offer more classes.
Lynne G., mother of 4 very picky eaters.