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Nutrition Part 1 9-12 yrs

Learn the science of how digestion works, which foods keep the body the healthiest, and which to avoid. Learn about portions, balance and how to create new habits for optimal health. This workshop also includes basic tasting.

Nutrition Part 2 9-12 yrs

Build upon your scientific knowledge of how to keep yourself strong and nutritionally sound, while understanding how to make quality meal decisions.  Food choices are often decided by the government, media or financial means; learn how to spot the best options for your individual health. This workshop also includes basic tasting.

Intro To Children's Basic Food Allergies

Learn many of the common and uncommon physical, mental, and emotional signs of non-classical food allergies. We will also cover where non-classical food allergies lead long term and what options are available for treatment.

Summer Nutrition Series

Kick off your Tuesday, summer mornings with this fun filled class series! Students will enjoy making their own hearty snack from summer fresh foods.  In addition to learning about the connections between their bodies, how food is used to repair and rejuvenate them, and what just tastes good! All classes will be gluten and cow dairy free. Class size is limited to 15

Supporting the Allergen Family

A workshop style support group for families with food sensitivities and/or allergies; specific to gluten and dairy. Lifestyle information applicable to all allergens. Join us for discussions of the how and why of special diets, tips and tricks for feeding your family when avoiding certain foods, and a chance to bond with other families. Each session will include trying the latest foods on the market. Sessions are not intended to replace professional medical advice.

Offered Lectures

Grounded Mama- Your world is crazy, your hormones don’t have to be. Enjoy this free lecture about lifestyle, nutrition, moods, and weight loss.

Going Gluten Free- Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, you’re gluten intolerant, or you’d like to adopt a less inflammatory way of eating; the gluten free world can be overwhelming. Join us and learn the hidden sources of gluten and how to stay nutritionally sound while eliminating them from your diet.

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