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Vegan & Gluten Free Carrot Zucchini Muffins

I ran out of muffins in my freezer stock this morning! That hasn’t happened in a long time and I thought I was gonna cry. So here’s the muffin recipe we use that is super simple. I’ll give you a more complex GF/DF muffin recipe… Continue reading

Best Post Workout Smoothie EVer

I have the pleasure of teaching nutrition workshops to athletes of all fitness levels. I always teach a plan for food, water, and rest-before, during and after workouts. And as you may have guessed, I’m a lover of the smoothie. It’s super important to eat… Continue reading

Blueberry Walnut Spinach Salad

This recipe is so tasty, I’ve made it every week for months! Chock full of vitamin E, C, antioxidants, essential fatty acids. Your skin, joints, brain, and liver will thank you! Blueberry Walnut Spinach Salad 1 bunch spinach, washed and torn (or baby spinach) 1… Continue reading