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Category: Raising Strong Kids

Water Can Be the Reason

We spent years trying to figure out why my son was full of arsenic and lead. The little guy was full of heavy metals and fighting off a candida overgrowth that was feeding on them. We looked at paint, conventional foods, my body etc. After… Continue reading

Falling in the Front Yard

I’ve fallen running, off of a bicycle and gotten cut up on a trail. But at the end of the day, I am truly a sissy. If it hurts too much, I’m out. I don’t do blood or road rash well, so I don’t see… Continue reading

Kids and Candy Drama

Now that Harvest Festivals are going strong, here are a few reminders about candy and the kids. The Natural Candy Store is a great place to check out. Vegan,gluten free, dye free options. I also like to shop Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s this time… Continue reading