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Fall Foods: Avocado?

Every food has a season and some have more than one. If we’re talking a California Haas avocado, then it’s Spring/Summer. In Argentina and Chile their peak season is during our winter; their summer. That’s why we get them year round in the US. Avocados… Continue reading

Whole Foods Market: sales and tips

I adore Whole Foods Market! I couldn’t really tell you if it’s the people, the vibe or the amazing produce. I know this sounds weird but each one has it’s own smell. When I walk into my favorite WFM, it just feels like home. And… Continue reading


My kids currently hate mushrooms. I’m that Mom Nutritionist that will tell you not to worry about it. I ask them if they want them on what ever the recipe is, they say no and I say “you still don’t like them yet?” It’s my… Continue reading