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Fall Foods

I absolutely love the fall. The fall in Vegas is our reward for getting through the heat of summer. It’s just nice to have the temperature drop a little at night and we’re no longer over 100 during the day. In Northern Nevada the nights… Continue reading

Fall Foods: Avocado?

Every food has a season and some have more than one. If we’re talking a California Haas avocado, then it’s Spring/Summer. In Argentina and Chile their peak season is during our winter; their summer. That’s why we get them year round in the US. Avocados… Continue reading

Whole Foods Market: sales and tips

I adore Whole Foods Market! I couldn’t really tell you if it’s the people, the vibe or the amazing produce. I know this sounds weird but each one has it’s own smell. When I walk into my favorite WFM, it just feels like home. And… Continue reading