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Whole Foods Market: sales and tips

I adore Whole Foods Market! I couldn’t really tell you if it’s the people, the vibe or the amazing produce. I know this sounds weird but each one has it’s own smell. When I walk into my favorite WFM, it just feels like home. And… Continue reading

My Favorite Place: Sambalatte

I love the atmosphere and relaxation that a really good coffee shop provides. We’ve been in Las Vegas for 3 years and I finally checked this famed place out 3 months ago. I LOVE that it’s big, airy, provides LOTS of food options, and makes… Continue reading

Ready, Set, Lunch!

I’m a sucker for containers. The Container Store opened in Vegas a few months back and I had to take my man with me to stop myself from buying new containers to hold my containers. It’s got to be my personality. I don’t mind clutter,… Continue reading