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Category: Fueling the Athlete

Fall Foods: Dates

I love dates. They’re ‘nature’s candy’ and so versatile. Right before we left Las Vegas, we went to China Date Ranch with home school friends and my enthusiastic neighbor Fred. Fred told us about the ranch and endured the van ride out there with us.… Continue reading

Borrowing a Dog

When I started running 5 years ago, we had two dogs. Chuck was a chocolate lab that truly belonged to my man and tolerated me and the kids. Pete was a yellow lab that would do anything for a half-hearted rub. We were living in… Continue reading

Pre Soccer Pancakes

 I never imagined myself as a soccer Mom, then the little man wore us down and he joined a local club. Vegas is full of year round sports for all age groups. Dennis and I didn’t know a thing about soccer and I frankly hoped… Continue reading