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Stories of Inspiration: Terrie

I had the pleasure of meeting Terrie at our church in Vegas.  We never really spoke and I hadn’t ever paid attention to her crippled fingers. One Sunday I felt the overwhelming desire to chat with her and tell her what I do. It has… Continue reading

Gluten Free/Vegetarian Holiday Resources

Every time I search for a new recipe I find a fun new food blogger.  I can’t endorse the following resources but I have found them personally helpful. Like I said before, don’t change your entire menu for the up and coming holiday meals. That… Continue reading

Turkey Day Without the Turkey? It can be done, and it will be yum!

I get super excited to see how other people celebrate with food. I spoke briefly about my good friend Tammy when I introduced her Mom as a contributor. This time Tammy gives us a peek into her vegetarian Thanksgiving. I love her ideas and pictures.… Continue reading