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Kids and Candy Drama

Now that Harvest Festivals are going strong, here are a few reminders about candy and the kids. The Natural Candy Store is a great place to check out. Vegan,gluten free, dye free options. I also like to shop Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s this time… Continue reading

Vegan Cream Cheese Poppers!

I love taking these to BBQ’s and blowing people away! This recipe is really flexible and the actual amounts or flavors you want to use are up to you. Vegan, gluten free, tasty and simple!! Vegan Cream Cheese Poppers Ingredients: 8-12 jalapenos (mine we’re large… Continue reading

Trading Candy with the Kids

With the big parade coming up this week, I thought I’d share a little bit of what we’ve been doing about candy. Candy used to drive me nuts when my offspring were little and then I got proactive and extra smart. Kids just want to… Continue reading