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Gluten Free Stuffing

Call it dressing, call it stuffing, it’s very yummy! Every family has a favorite stuffing recipe. Growing up my Grandma made a savory version with spinach. I use this recipe and it comes from my Mother in law, minus the Mrs. Cubbison’s and country sausage.… Continue reading

Turkey Day Without the Turkey? It can be done, and it will be yum!

I get super excited to see how other people celebrate with food. I spoke briefly about my good friend Tammy when I introduced her Mom as a contributor. This time Tammy gives us a peek into her vegetarian Thanksgiving. I love her ideas and pictures.… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Plans

Oh my gosh!!! Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I’ve been shoulder deep in boxes, cooking and exploring and totally forgot. I sat down to write about some fun resources and our recent trip to the BIG farmers market in Eugene and BAMM! it dawned… Continue reading