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GF, Vegan Chocolate Cake-Yes, Please!

My oldest offspring and I recently had a girls weekend at home. Being the mom that I am, I needed to go to the Natural Products Association, Western Conference, so we went together. She got to learn first hand about marketing and we had a blast. There were many fabulous entrepreneurs showing off their body care, foods, and supplements. We've got a couple that I'm excited tell you about in days to come. And then there's Blossom......

Gluten free and Vegan options. Yes, I'm drooling just thinking back. We got so excited that I jumped the poor people about their lack of presence in the great state of Nevada. They are in Salt Lake City, Utah. And yes, it's worth the drive. Look them up and see if can nibble Gluten Free perfection near you.

They gave us a box of samples to take back to Wholefoods Bakery to try first hand. I made the drive myself, cause I really want them in Las Vegas. :) The appropriate people tried them and then my daughter and I ate the rest. I know, it's sad, I have no pictures. You'll have to go to their site and see for yourself.

In the Spring I read an article in VegNews about Salt Lake City being a super hot spot for vegan nosh. Blossom was not featured. I swear they didn't know better at the time of writing. I'd be willing to move there.

See you on the road!

Power to the family!


Blueberry Power Breakfast

My most often asked question is about breakfast. Well, I'll tell you the truth, I struggled with enjoying breakfast for a long time. I either wouldn't give myself enough time in the morning or I had snacked my way into the night and just wasn't hungry in the morning. Once I started changing my habits, I began to look forward to breakfast.

Here are a couple of examples of quick and simple breakfasts.

Homemade granola, almond yogurt and fresh blueberries from my recent haul. Quick and hearty.

Homemade granola, unsweetened almond milk and frozen blueberries. Very little quickly fills a person.

And because I'm that girl, here are some bits of fact: Blueberries offer a huge fiber and antioxidant punch to your diet. It's actually one of the few fruits native to North America. Northeast Native Americans built much folk lore around this revered fruit and called them 'star berries' because they were believed to have been sent from above to cure famine and sickness. Leaves were used for tea, juice to heal coughs, and dried berries were added to soups and stews. My personal favorite, dye. Like the Native Americans, I too love and make chemical free dye.

I hear they are an easy bush to grow, in the correct climate. Have you tried?

Power to the family!



Blueberries on Sale, Now What?

From the time my offspring could eat solid fruit, it was all about the blueberries. We have a picture, that I wont share, of our daughter's blue stained bum and matching diaper. As she got a little older, she decided that she liked fresh berries only and frozen was not for her. Then the little guy came along and once he could get at them on his own; could be found opening the freezer to dish out a big bowl. Imagine my delight when at 3, brought home his grocery ad, art project and his favorite foods included blueberries and other whole foods.

Organic blueberries are hard to come by in the desert and when the sales come along, we jump on them. A couple of weeks ago I posted about some wickedly good sales and we ended up buying a case. I figured over 3 weeks we ate at least 3 pints fresh, 2 dozen meals, and I used them in a recipe for one of my Summer Nutrition workshops. Knowing that I wanted to hide 3 pints in the freezer, I needed to wash, dry, freeze and store them quickly. I learned the hard way that you need to spread fruit out on baking sheets or other pans, otherwise you have a big frozen lump.

Wash, then air dry


Freezing and then into a labeled bag, hidden deep in the freezer for mid winter. So yum!

Power to the family!