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School Tips!

summer 2013 357

What an awesome summer! As the kids have gotten older, they have begun to have their own travel, camp, social schedules. It's been one fun adventure after another this year. Now it's time to get back to our normal rhythms.  We no longer homeschool and don't go back until after Labor Day. So it's time to think about prepping/freezing bulk amounts of snacks and checking my reusable lunch gear in case anything needs to be replaced.

Last summer I wrote this post about reusable containers. We no longer live in Vegas and I could really go on and on about missing the Container Store or any quality/close shopping for that matter. I continue to love my re-pac bags and they have held up extremely well. If you look around on line, EVERY reusable company is having sales on back to school gear and it's a good time to invest.

I'll be making a lot of these muffins and freezing them. These also make great quick breakfasts, snacks and if you add a little nut butter, it's a nutrition packed entire meal. Granola is also another big money saver that I'll make lots of too. This am 'Gluten Free on a Shoestring' posted about making 'KIND' granola. Yumm!

We still chop as much as we can once a week. It makes it a lot easier to make a quick salad or have veges for hummus. This last school year we also added 'sushi balls' Basically we found this tasty chopped up, sweetened sea weed at Trader Joe's and we add it to rice and either raw or steamed vegetable bits. The possibilities are endless. My kids totally dig sushi. Don't add the seaweed to the rice on the front end. Let them do that at lunch.

summer 2013 357


summer 2013 358

You can google vegan lunch ideas or vegetarian lunch ideas or healthy, simple kids lunches and get lots of inspiration. I would encourage you to make lunches the night before and stick to as much whole, real food as you can. Once my kids hit kindergarten they began making their own lunches. They spread out on the kitchen table and they only have two rules: 1 or more veges, only 1 fruit. AND clean up afterwards! They make their own sandwich or sushi or glass container of dinner to take the next day. Simple. Less stress on me.

I'm looking forward to hearing what else is working for you. Happy first days everyone!

Power to the family!



Follow Up On The Boy 2

Oh the struggles. It's been an interesting month since I spoke about Hap and his Drs. appointment.

Maybe it's because it's summer and the kids are older now. I'm finding that we're out enjoying the weather and having lots of adventures. And our travels have left me very little time to prep and plan foods. Here's what we have done.

Supplements: GI Revive-2 x daily, Yeast Cleanse (Solray brand-excellent), lots more probiotics and his usual supplements. After 3 weeks on the new supplements I also added Slim (Plexus) I'm seeing great results in the food allergy world.

Food: Added some clean meat options, ie. quality sourced fish and chicken and more vege. Removed: some of the breads and crackers.

I'm totally struggling with the last part. And then we went to Panda Express the other day. I looked up their ingredients online post stomach aches. Holy Smokes. Every item we ate had gluten and soy in it. Of course it does. Then little man had Sun Chips. Garden Vegetable. Wheat! Trader Joe's jelly beans. Wheat oil! I'm typically uber strict on labels and know my restaurants. And I couldn't figure out why he had a stomach ache again and AWFUL behavior. I sat and wrote down everything we had eaten over the last several days. BAMM! No stinkn wonder. Poor guy.

It's all a matter of prioritizing. Taking care of our bodies has to trump other things that take our time. So here's the adjusted plan.

Today I'm writing out a skeleton plan for a months worth of meals. I'm mostly following SCD and pulling some menu plans from them. I'm going to shop and take one full day to prepare and freeze as much as I can. School doesn't start around here for 3 more weeks. It's like preparing for a baby coming. Some people do a little bit a day; I'm a horker. I take one day to plan and shop. One day to hork out a months worth of meals. Horker: think stuffing in as much into one day as possible. Only more planned and high energy.


Time to refocus. Love that boy.

Power to the family!



Stories of Inspiration: Terrie

I had the pleasure of meeting Terrie at our church in Vegas.  We never really spoke and I hadn't ever paid attention to her crippled fingers. One Sunday I felt the overwhelming desire to chat with her and tell her what I do.

It has been a thrill to see someone in so much pain make life changes. Those little steps have added up to HUGE changes for their family. If you ever get the chance to meet her husband, ask him how much he liked me in the beginning. After seeing her changes, he began to change too. The insight I learned from answering from his questions has been immeasurable. Dennis and I are thankful to have gotten to know them better and to have been a part of Terrie's healing.

"I’m Terrie, and I have had polymyositis arthritis since 1978. I spent years on toxic medications. One year ago, the middle joints in all my fingers started to freeze and not function. I also had frequent acid reflux and insomnia. My doctor recommended the medication, Methotrexate. But I refused.
I went to Aimee in January 2012 since I wanted to see if I could find a more natural holistic approach. She started by taking me off all dairy products. I blew it every single day for the first month. I didn’t drink much milk, but I love cheese. She was very forgiving. She said: “If you blow it, you blow it. Get up the next day and start over.” I saw her once or twice a month for seven months. She’s so proud of me.
Aimee is just a very positive, encouraging person. She just encourages you to keep going. She praises you for the work you’ve done. She helps you keep going. If it weren’t for Aimee, I don’t think I could have done it.
In the process, she even met with me at Whole Foods and gave me a tour of the grocery store. She showed me nutritional alternatives to help me wean myself off the bad foods. Then I knew how to shop for better foods with the same flavors but much more nutrition.
Then I went off all sugar, off all meats, and worked my way so that today I eat whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and fish with fins and scales. The end result: I no longer have acid reflux, I am sleeping at night, and I have two joints in my fingers that have started to move correctly for the first time in ten years. I also have the added bonus, which I never dreamt, of losing forty pounds in the process.
My husband also went on this program to support me. Now one year later, my husband is completely off his blood pressure medicine, he only has to take half of the dosage of his cholesterol medication, and he lost twenty pounds.
It’s been one year, and it was hard in the beginning. But thanks to Aimee, I don’t think in terms of diet change. I think in terms of lifestyle change. I don’t live to eat anymore. I eat to live. And all without toxic medications!"

Terrie actually gave me to me last fall. She's still going strong!

100_4822I love this picture! I never get tired of their new found vibrancy!

Power to the family!