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summer 2013 357

What an awesome summer! As the kids have gotten older, they have begun to have their own travel, camp, social schedules. It's been one fun adventure after another this year. Now it's time to get back to our normal rhythms.  We no longer homeschool and don't go back until after Labor Day. So it's time to think about prepping/freezing bulk amounts of snacks and checking my reusable lunch gear in case anything needs to be replaced.

Last summer I wrote this post about reusable containers. We no longer live in Vegas and I could really go on and on about missing the Container Store or any quality/close shopping for that matter. I continue to love my re-pac bags and they have held up extremely well. If you look around on line, EVERY reusable company is having sales on back to school gear and it's a good time to invest.

I'll be making a lot of these muffins and freezing them. These also make great quick breakfasts, snacks and if you add a little nut butter, it's a nutrition packed entire meal. Granola is also another big money saver that I'll make lots of too. This am 'Gluten Free on a Shoestring' posted about making 'KIND' granola. Yumm!

We still chop as much as we can once a week. It makes it a lot easier to make a quick salad or have veges for hummus. This last school year we also added 'sushi balls' Basically we found this tasty chopped up, sweetened sea weed at Trader Joe's and we add it to rice and either raw or steamed vegetable bits. The possibilities are endless. My kids totally dig sushi. Don't add the seaweed to the rice on the front end. Let them do that at lunch.

summer 2013 357


summer 2013 358

You can google vegan lunch ideas or vegetarian lunch ideas or healthy, simple kids lunches and get lots of inspiration. I would encourage you to make lunches the night before and stick to as much whole, real food as you can. Once my kids hit kindergarten they began making their own lunches. They spread out on the kitchen table and they only have two rules: 1 or more veges, only 1 fruit. AND clean up afterwards! They make their own sandwich or sushi or glass container of dinner to take the next day. Simple. Less stress on me.

I'm looking forward to hearing what else is working for you. Happy first days everyone!

Power to the family!



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