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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Vege Sushi

Our family loves sushi. We haven’t always lived near sushi restaurants or wanted to spend the money. We started making our own a few years back. It’s easy. I found a site for brown rice sushi that we began using and it’s a simple, good… Continue reading

Fast Food, Grocery Style

This last weekend I taught a 3 Day Reboot cleanse at the Canyonville, OR YMCA.  It was a blast; I love learning new things from people that attend my classes. Since it ended early in the am, we decided to explore our southern county and… Continue reading

Gluten Free Apple Rice Bran Muffins

Every other Sunday, I make a double batch of muffins. I’ll freeze half and then use the others for breakfast or quick snacks. This recipe originally came from one of Terry Walters cookbooks. It’s been tweaked a ton by the Gluten Free Goddess, AKA Tiffani.… Continue reading