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Spring News

So here it is May and not a post since Thanksgiving. Yup, that's how life has been for me. I have to admit that this move has really kicked my behind. I've got a ton of posts knocking around in my mind and nothing to show for it. I've been thinking a lot about my website, how I want to spread my empowerment message and what blogging really means to me. To be honest there are amazing, career bloggers out there and I really never intended to be one of them. I started my site as a place to park my knowledge, inspiration and dirt from our busy life. I'm a resource gal and I enjoy sharing. I'm all about encouragement and want everyone's health  journey to be nutrient rich and family involved. That said, I've been a little shell shocked.

If you're following my Facebook page you've seen our holiday and winter recipes pop up. We've enjoyed lots of time with good friends and family. We traveled to the Caribbean (sans kids) and I'll be putting out recipes and posts about those experiences in the coming weeks. On top of all kinds of Oregon exploring, I started working out of our local YMCA part time. So far this opportunity has awarded me the privilege of working with children, athletes, the elderly and a one of a kind Veterans program. Super exciting and way inspiring. You'll see quick blips of this on FB. I'm amazed at the positive health changes that I'm getting to be a part of. Makes a girl want to cry.

So here's what you can expect from my site as I come out of my shell this lovely spring. I'll be revamping-no PepperStation will be revamping my site-I'll be shifting my focus and adding lots of new resources. I want to stay true to my resource, empowerment self. So you will see lots of stories of inspiration. Tips on how to stay focused on the simplicity of a healthy life. (On that note, there is too much overwhelm and info out there and I'm finding people paralyzed.) Lots of resources and reviews of products I currently love. Opinion pieces on diet trends. Recipes that work for our family. And links to products that I recommend in my office. I'll continue to do local workshops, speaking to groups, running nutrition functions at my Y, see people one on one and do distance appointments. My site is completely separate from my office, so for now I'm keeping the google number on my front page but feel free to e-mail or FB me about personal appointments, content suggestions and speaking proposals.

I'm also looking for more stories of inspiration. I want to know what keeps you motivated in a sea of fake foods, overwhelming advertisements and 8 zillion bloggers telling you what to do.

That's it for now; I'm off to the farmer's market for some local nourishment. I hope you enjoy this weekend of important celebration. Welcome back to my field of dirt!

Power to the family!


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