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Weekend Adventures: Fall Creek

This last weekend was our first since relocating to Oregon. The boxes had become annoying so we decided to go for a hike instead of unpacking. When the kids were little we never bought hiking backpacks and didn't hike a lot with them. I know an incredible family in Colorado that is way into hiking the Fourteeners and take their kids with them from the beginning. That's not us. We started when the kids could do it on their own and carry their own gear. We also tend to stick to the better trails and focus on hikes that are about 2 milesish round trip. That's about enough to avoid meltdowns. In Vegas it was warmer and we had to really stick to shorter hikes because of the complaining factor. When we started buying them sweat wicking gear life became better all around.

I'm all about some good snacks to take with us. We've got several apple trees that hang into our backyard, yeah me! And I haven't had the time to make a lot snacks yet (the boxesssss) so it was off to Costco for some hiking snacks.

The crackers are consistently on sale at Costco. They're the only thin, 'hippie/healthy' ones that my whole family likes.

Real bathrooms at the trail head, oh yeah!!

Lots of fall colors still. Lower falls.

Water to play in.

Slimy slugs (I'll spare you the pic, it was HUGE!)and fuzzy caterpillars to keep the eeewww factor high and interesting.

Enormous leaves to play with and collect.

Middle falls.

Upper falls.

Hiking in Vegas is dry and bright. Falls Creek was cool, mossy, and wet. 'Best hike ever,' the kids.

When I want to power hike, I go with adults. Our weekend hikes are to expose our kids to the world and move our bodies; we give ourselves lots of time for exploring along the way.

An easy way to find hikes in your local area is to search your county name and the word 'trails' or 'hikes'. Go!!

Power to the family!

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