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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Fall Foods: Dates

I love dates. They’re ‘nature’s candy’ and so versatile. Right before we left Las Vegas, we went to China Date Ranch with home school friends and my enthusiastic neighbor Fred. Fred told us about the ranch and endured the van ride out there with us.… Continue reading

Weekend Adventures: Fall Creek

This last weekend was our first since relocating to Oregon. The boxes had become annoying so we decided to go for a hike instead of unpacking. When the kids were little we never bought hiking backpacks and didn’t hike a lot with them. I know… Continue reading

Never Say Never

Seriously, I’m not quoting Justin Bieber. Although I do like running to the teen heart throb. (don’t tell my kids) I’ve had lots of thoughts tumbling around in my over active mind and lately I’ve realized that I should just strike the word from my… Continue reading