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Gluten Free/Vegetarian Holiday Resources

Every time I search for a new recipe I find a fun new food blogger.  I can't endorse the following resources but I have found them personally helpful. Like I said before, don't change your entire menu for the up and coming holiday meals. That said, I do love to add new side dishes or look for better/different Gluten Free recipes during the year. I'm not a huge fan of Living Without. However, they do have a helpful GF Thanksgiving guide at their site. Enjoy!

The Pumpkin Pie:

Oh She Glows does an amazing job on a Vegan (no dairy) GF pumpkin pie. Tee hee! You're welcome. 😉 My awesome friend turned me on to this one.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Meal Ideas/Excellent Vegan Ideas:

Forks Over Knives

Grain Free Holiday/Anytime Ideas/Soy-Sugar-Corn Free:

Real Sustenance

Elana's Pantry      Almond Flour/Coconut Flour She's out of Boulder, CO so her recipes work really well for high elevation folk.

Gluten Free Holiday/Vegetarian Vegan/Anytime Ideas

Carol Fenster       Carol is the original GF Goddess. She's also in Colorado so her recipes work well without changes for high elevation. She's brilliant and her recent recipes are spot on!! I received her latest bookfrom a dear friend; it is WORTH owning!

I often look for Vegan recipes because we are dairy free and conversions are already listed. You can use tapioca, rice, or potato starch to replace corn starch for thickening. The rule of thumb is for every teaspoon of corn starch you would have used, it's double the amount from the others. I find rice is even more. I haven't figured out an exact for that yet.

Breath deep and enjoy the season.

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