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Vegas: Do People Really Live Here?

I've been on this mission lately to catch people being healthy.  A lot of people come to me for help and guidance. I have found in the years that I've been in practice two things are true: I can guide you to change your diet and if you'll consistently exercise, you'll stick to the eating plan we create. I am personally an unmotivated person. Exercise is what keeps me focused. :)

When people think of Vegas they think of The Strip. It's interesting, entertaining and a huge marketing machine doing a great job promoting crazy behavior. But for those of us that really live here, people really do get out and enjoy the abundant out door lifestyle. (Trail Runner magazine has voted it the number one place to trail run)

Yes, I'm the freaky woman taking your picture as I run by you. And the woman that stopped and took random pictures while driving by. And the same woman that walked out of my home with a camera in the early morning. I'd apologize but I'll never be sorry for wanting to inspire others towards optimum health!

Get out and take your man, dog, and baby for a walk.

Yes, this is Vegas!

Yes, those are mountains in the back drop!

A daily walk, no matter what your age!

Take your morning cup for a walk!

Actually play with your kids. That will work up a sweat.

Take your morning yoga outside!

Still Vegas....

I know, right??

Jogging a little further each day.

Make a date with a friend.

Lead by example, no special gear required.

Thank you USFS for updating an incredible trail.Yes, still Vegas.

Hats off to the determined Mamas.

The little rock climber that wanted more than a trail.

Real aspens!

Take them with you on your journey!

I can't think about doing something for too long or I plan my way out of it. If you're not getting out yet, don't plan it just start. For those of you living vibrantly, take a friend!

Look up from your screen and get outside.

Power to the family!

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