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A Day of Food: Eugene

A few weeks back, the man and I left the offspring with my Mom and headed to Oregon. We needed to find a home and take care of business bits. I'd been to Oregon as a young kid and couldn't tell you a thing about it. I was way nervous and had spent a ton of time on the internet checking the place out. I also stalked the rental websites daily. Armed with a list of things to do, we set off to get it all done.

We spent 4 days in our new town and found a home to rent, got the kid bits settled and enjoyed the crisp fall weather. Our daily treks along the river got me all dithered up for the possibilities of runs to come. When all of the business was taken care of we took an afternoon and followed the river to the ocean. The last day we planned in Eugene...

The hippie in me was so excited I thought my man was going to have me go on my own. I spent all kinds of time on the internet looking at the top places to go. Since I'm all about the food. Here is what we did:

Left our new home in the am for a slow drive north. Notice the dead tree in the picture. I told you. Dead trees. Weird.

First stop, Cafe Yumm! You know how I am about the look of a place. So very cute. Shopping, outdoor seating, awesome staff.

Vegan Yumm bowls. His large with jasmine rice, black beans, vege, spicy pesto stuff, avocado and yumm sauce.

Mine small with brown rice, black beans, tons of vege, cabbage, avocado, carrots, yumm sauce. WAY cheap and so good I want them to ship it! The perfect amount of food for lunch.

Next stop, Ninkasi Brewing Company

So very fun inside

and out.

Great marketing and Dennis said the beer lived up to it's 'top place' internet status.

Ninkasi does NOT have a gluten free beer. They do let you bring food from their 4 neighbors across the street. One is a Vegetarian place called Garbanzos.

The next stop was all about me. Look at this place! The look, the feel, the treats!! Organic, vegan, tons of GF options!!

Gluten free, vegan snickerdoodle cupcake!!

He enjoyed a cherry, almond muffin with almond glaze and great cup of fresh brewed coffee.

The Divine Cupcake, just go....

Walking through the neighborhood we stumbled upon the Red Barn Natural Grocery. Oh, be still my beating heart.

BEAUTIFUL, LOCAL produce. All organic, in season. Oh geeze!!

Heirloom tomatoes, I've never seen black tomatoes. Fascinating.

THIS was the beer my man saw at our local Costco. It was gone before I could check it out. It's from a dedicated gluten free brewery in Portland. We'll field trip there another day. When I worked at WholeFoods I used to lament that 'all good things come from Colorado' Truly, every extra fab body product does. Now I'm going to have to widen my statement to include Oregon.


I got side tracked by the market, SMACK in the middle of the neighborhood.

We ended our day with Pizza Research Institute. Yes, those are the specials, hand drawn on paper plates.

And adorable. Vegan, GF options available.

The place used to be a car wash. And like most of Eugene, they recycle the funkiness right back into the new place. I got beat while waiting for my vegan/gf goodness to arrive.

Vegan cheese sauce, spinach, asparagus, tomato.....it was so good I burned the roof of my mouth trying to scarf it down.

Every 'to go' box is a hand painted original.

Check out their site; the pizzas are inspiring. Totally delivers beyond expectations and worth every dime!

I see retracing our steps with each trip.Yippee!!

Power to the family!

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