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Up From the Deep

WHEW!! Where have I been you're asking? Or maybe you're just thrilled to get one less fab blog out of your in box. Either way, I'm still here. Life's been happening in my neck of the woods and I've let some things drop. I actually had to really think about my password to get on my site and begin updating each page. Sad but true. So here goes:

Last Spring my amazing man applied for several new promotions. I know this drill, I've been with the over achiever for 19 years. It's not like I mind; I enjoy the adventure of a new city. But I actually don't pay much attention to the threats of moving 'cause I've been busy building my local and long distance phone practice, teaching workshops, home schooling my kids and running my crazy house hold. I don't stop to think about moving until I actually see a truck pull up front and a bunch of guys jump out to pack us.

For those of you that know me personally, some people think we move a lot. If we were military, folk might even be less 'opinionated' about it. In my/their defense, we started this amazing journey together in Las Vegas, then moved to Reno for his job and my masters, then to Gardnerville, NV for his next position. We spent 10 years in Northern Nevada and have some very deep friendships that continue to flourish from those years. Once we had our daughter the 'provider bug' kicked in for my man and he was no longer satisfied with lower level fire jobs. He had traveled the US extensively and had 'done it all'. Now he wanted to learn more and teach others, unfortunately that meant moving out of our current forest to get that job.

With 2 children under two we headed to Colorado for 5 years. It was during that time that I changed careers and became a Nutritionist. The selfish part of me didn't want to leave my practice or my amazing network of supportive friends. The desire to move up again was stronger and we took the job in Las Vegas to again widen the man's career and get our young offspring closer to family. If you ask the kids, they believe they are from Colorado since that is where the bulk of their memories come from. I'm way thankful for Skype/Facebook and family vacations that keep us connected to our 'Colorado family'.

So here we are again. Do I rebuild another local practice, find new friends that eat like us and enjoy my style of play date, learn new resources, continue to home school our children, move to the rainy North West and leave our predictable desert, add more out of town friends to our Christmas list, have to fly for family functions, deal with selling and buying another home?? Anyone that's ever moved with children knows the drill. Despite the uncertainty, my man and I are super close and we've been down this decision making road before. We're like an old couple that remembers what buttons aren't worth pushing and that the process will only be as stressful as we make it. As you can see from my lack of blogging, I've been freaking myself out. Don't even ask my kids what they've been eating. hint: low variety, no meal plan, boring/healthy stuff.

So now that I've kind of gotten a grip, I'm back. I'm looking forward to continuing with my patients via phone and internet. And I'm super excited to continue to spread my empowerment words to the unsuspecting state of Oregon. Stay tuned, when I'm under lots of self imposed mental duress, I tend to share the personal end of my life and finally answer the questions in my in box about said personal journey.

And yes, I will really miss Las Vegas. If you've never lived here with a family, you just don't get what an opportunity rich place this is. I will NOT miss running in the heat. Or billboards of 3/4 naked women.

Power to the family!


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