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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Prepping For Life

Fall creates a flurry of activity in most homes. Families are coming back from vacations or getting ready to go back to school etc. In my field of life, we’re still swamped (it’s fire season) and the ideas I’m about to give you we use… Continue reading

The Athlete Within-Part 2

I’ve been pondering and asking others, what is their definition of an Athlete? My last post, The Athlete Within-Part 1, gave you lots of thoughts to chew on. I don’t know about you; I found it extremely motivating to watch the Olympics over the last… Continue reading

The Athlete Within-Part 1

In our home, everything stops for the Olympics. We don’t have cable and we turned it on so that we wouldn’t miss a thing. Because of their ages, this would be the first one my kids will remember. We plan healthy ‘game’ foods and eat… Continue reading