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The Plant Based Fire Guy

So what does a plant based fire guy eat? It goes something like this:

No cooler for fresh foods. No fancy camp cooking going on. Everything needs to be parboiled, shelf stable, back packable, simple and quick cooking. Then you add in the fact that the poor guy is married to a nutritionist and bamm! No preservative filled, boil in plastic or aluminum allowed.

What he does have is a jet boil, a sauce pan and determined wife. I'm also a nag about what he liked, what worked, did he feel like he had enough to eat, was there waste, did it cook quickly, were the directions true, how cost effective are the items, will they last in a back pack, will they last in the truck during off times, is he getting enough fiber, how long will fresh items last on the way out of town, and on and on.

What really worked for him, could be eaten during a normal camping trip or even for quick lunches.

  • The usual nuts, seeds and cranberries worked out well.
  • My granola was a hit and we'll be turning that into a solid bar next time.
  • Gnocchi with red sauce had a great flavor but had too much in the package for one meal. With zero left over storage, we wont be buying this one again.
  • Dr. McDougall's Black Bean and Lime soup cup was tasty but required more time than he had to soften the beans.
  • A new product called Go Picnic reminded me of GF lunchables for adults. This was the quickest meal, didn't taste too salty and no leftovers. We picked them up at World Market but Amazon has them. They are pricey.
  • After much searching we found this product:

I was ecstatic to find Outdoor Herbivore! We had been cruising REI type stores for a pouch meal that he could just add boiling water to. Then I found Outdoor Herbivore(OH) on line. Their meals come in a plastic bag with the directions and ingredients. We bought all of the plant based options that they offered and were very pleased with the customer service, price and variety. I also love the fact that they offered portion options.

My plant based fire guy said that OH was super tasty, easy to prepare, had great portions and the only draw back was the time. Like other dehydrated, whole food type meals, they require time to soften and for the flavors to marry. He also said that on most days, the 10 minutes he had to eat would be taken up in the waiting. Yet, he will be buying these again for work and personal enjoyment. If my man says it's good for outdoor eating, buy it. After 23 years, he knows some things. Yeah for a great product!

You may have noticed that I wrote the review. My man doesn't 'like' my page, follow my blog, or eat bad recipes. He told me today, 'why 'like' it when I get to live it.'   Yup, that's my man, an honest, self proclaimed 'coolest guy EVer'

Get outside and enjoy a great hike!

Power to the family!



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