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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Cherries and Gout

Most of you probably know someone with gout. Gout flares are awful to witness.  Approximately two million people suffer with gout, with between 75-90% being middle-age men. Women usually get gout only after menopause, possibly due to the drop in estrogen women experience after menopause.… Continue reading

Break out the Pitter!

We’re so spoiled in the US. We get out of season foods all of the time. Last year there was a late spring freeze and most of the DC and pacific coast cherry blossoms didn’t make it. Cherries either tasted like dirt, were imported or… Continue reading

Gluten and Dariy Free Bread Crumbs

I’ve been on a roll lately making crappy gluten free bread. Just because we eat gf and dairy free, doesn’t mean we should settle for unpalatable styrofoam. I’m amazed at what gf folks will put up with. Nope, not us, we refuse to ‘get used… Continue reading