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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Gluten Free Sesame Vege Pasta

Finding the right gluten free pasta can be tricky. A couple of our local stores have their own brand of brown rice noodles and they are not good. For this recipe we used brown rice spaghetti noodles from Trader Joe’s but you could use a… Continue reading

It’s Not Stealing

People move a lot these days. All over the country you’ll see lawns dying and Uhaul trucks. I read an article last year about people in Atlanta watering the trees on foreclosed properties and feeding the needy.  At that point I got all inspired and… Continue reading

Happy’s Cherry Smoothie

‘Cause you asked how else we’re eating cherries. My youngest offspring, ‘Happy’ whipped this up. Happy’s Cherry Smoothie 2 cups water 2 frozen medium bananas 1/2 bag spinach 2 cups cherries Blend until smooth. Some variations for you: use cherry juice instead of water use frozen… Continue reading