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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Rose’s Peach Bread

Every one of us has those amazing people in our lives that we just stare at. My friend Rose is one of them. She’s ultra crafty, beyond creative, and she LOVES it. I met Rose through my Las Vegas MOPS group a few years back… Continue reading

Local Peach Mango Smoothie

Peaches?!? In Vegas?!? Yes, we can! Our desert peaches are smaller and not as juicy as a southern variety. But we can grow them and they’re tasty.  AND as I pointed out before, you should look around and see if they’re growing in an abandoned… Continue reading

The Plant Based Fire Guy

So what does a plant based fire guy eat? It goes something like this: No cooler for fresh foods. No fancy camp cooking going on. Everything needs to be parboiled, shelf stable, back packable, simple and quick cooking. Then you add in the fact that… Continue reading